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OncoHost Raises $35 Million Series C to Improve Personalized Oncology Treatment

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OncoHost | Digital Health News | Oncology Treatment

OncoHost, a developer in next-generation precision oncology technology for improved personalized cancer therapy, announces the closing of a $35 million Series C funding round. According to the announcement, funding will expand OncoHost’s ongoing multicenter PROPHETIC trial, which utilizes PROphet®, the company’s machine learning-based host response profiling platform, and support the coming U.S. commercial launch of the precision oncology diagnostic solution. 

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OncoHost’s mission is to develop personalized treatment strategies to improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients who do not respond to standard-of-care therapy. The organization markets its solution as an AI-powered precision oncology platform that will enable healthcare providers to personalize cancer treatment plans and overcome treatment resistance. 

The Science Explained by OncoHost

Digging into the science, OncoHost explains that all cancer treatment modalities such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted drugs, radiation, and surgery trigger physiological reactions in the host, comprising a range of systemic and local effects. These effects, collectively known as the ‘Host Response’ to cancer therapy, include elevated levels of cytokines, growth factors, and enzymes in the blood circulation accompanied by acute mobilization and tumor homing of immune cell types.

Over the last ten years, novel research has revealed that many of these therapy-induced effects promote tumor aggressiveness and resistance to treatment. OncoHost recognizes the untapped potential of identifying, characterizing, and analyzing the host response to cancer therapies in a clinical setting.

OncoHost is developing a first-of-its-kind Host Response Profiling platform (PROphetTM) to predict cancer therapy responsiveness. OncoHost’s technology analyzes proteomic changes in patient blood samples to detect signs of resistance to cancer therapies in real-time, enabling biomarker-guided treatment planning for physicians, target discovery for drug development, and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

A New Dimension to Cancer Care

According to the announcement, OncoHost’s PROphet® platform is a personalized, real-time, dynamic ‘disease navigator’ that identifies an individual’s responsiveness to cancer therapy, analysis of treatment resistance mechanisms, and potentially available strategies to overcome this resistance. Clinical trial results have shown PROphet® to have remarkably high accuracy in assessing non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patient response at three months, six months, and one year. The company’s multi-patented platform provides clinicians with potential combination strategies to overcome treatment resistance through one blood test pre-treatment.

ALIVE Israel HealthTech VC, a pioneer mid-to-late stage healthtech fund, led the oversubscribed Series C funding. Additional investors included leading Israeli financial firm Leumi Partners, Israel’s largest pension fund Menora MivtachimOurCrowd, and other existing investors. ALIVE’s co-founder and general managing partner, Prof. Ari Shamiss, was recently named a new member of OncoHost’s board.

OncoHost provides significant value to both cancer patients and their clinicians and it is an honor to have led this transformational funding round. With promising and significant clinical results, OncoHost’s unique approach can create a brighter and better future for the world of precision oncology, maximizing the likelihood of selecting the correct therapy combinations and dramatically improving therapeutic results for cancer patients. We are confident that Oncohost is set to become a pivotal proteomics market leader in personalized oncology treatment.  

Prof. Ari Shamiss

OncoHost continues to open additional clinical trial sites worldwide and will be expanding its research to further cancer indications. PROphet® expects to commercially launch in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2022.

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Digital Health Outlook | Beyond OncoHost

Change has long been a constant in healthcare, but it has dramatically accelerated in recent years. Digital health tools that facilitate innovative methods and modalities to improve care, enable lifestyle change, and create efficiencies are progressing quickly. The digitalization of healthcare provides a better healthcare delivery experience for both patients and clinicians. Digital is becoming so intertwined with health care that it’s now to be expected by patients. 

As healthcare organizations move toward offering more personalized care solutions, they will increasingly need to rely on software and hardware solutions to support these initiatives. The view of digital health solutions is that they are long-term investments that, if implemented correctly, will net great returns. Understanding consumer attitudes and preferences across the patient journey can be central to supporting healthy behaviors, achieving better health outcomes, and improving the patient experience. 

About Oncohost

OncoHost combines life-science research and advanced machine learning technology to develop personalized strategies to maximize the success of cancer therapy. Utilizing proprietary proteomic analysis, the company aims to understand patients’ responses to treatment and overcome one of the significant obstacles in clinical oncology today – resistance to therapy. OncoHost’s host response profiling platform, PROphet®, analyzes proteomic changes in blood samples to monitor the dynamics of biological processes induced by the patient (i.e., the host) in response to given cancer therapy. This proteomic profile is highly predictive of individual patient outcomes, thus enabling personalized treatment planning. PROphet® also identifies potential drug targets, advancing the development of novel therapeutic strategies and rationally based combination therapies.


ALIVE is a pioneer mid-to-late stage HealthTech fund leveraging an entire ecosystem of strategic partners comprising leading hospital chains, HMOs, and financial institutions to support and accelerate its portfolio companies’ clinical and commercial expansion.

Based in Tel Aviv and investing globally in partnership with local and global funds and corporations, ALIVE’s promising and growing portfolio of MedTech and Digital Health companies are securing financial and strategic funding to support its expansion strategy.

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