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LifeScan Partners with Truepill™ to Create New Resources for People with Diabetes and Associated Health Conditions

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In partnership with TruepillLifeScan will add an e-commerce platform to its blood glucose monitoring mobile app, allowing users to buy testing supplies and wellness services from their homes. LifeScan will be Truepill’s first partner in diabetes and chronic condition space. For LifeScan, this is a strategic move to expand its OneTouch brand offerings beyond diabetes testing supplies to innovative digital wellness offerings for diabetes and related health conditions, including weight loss, fitness, and hypertension. 

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Through this partnership, LifeScan will leverage Truepill’s industry-leading, agile end-to-end healthcare platform to provide OneTouch brand diabetes self-management supplies, including test strips, lancing devices, and blood glucose monitors, directly to patients’ homes. This partnership is another way that LifeScan focuses on the needs of people with diabetes and other conditions and their caregivers to promote effective self-management.

In November, the partnership will launch with an eCommerce platform embedded directly in the OneTouch Reveal™ mobile app enabling users to buy testing supplies and wellness services from their homes.

Patients are demanding the same personalization, accessibility, and innovation from healthcare that they seek in every other area of their lives. The consumerization of healthcare means that digital, direct-to-patient solutions are no longer nice to have but essential. We believe that digital healthcare will change the future of glucose monitoring, diabetes care, and treatment of chronic and acute conditions alike. We’re thrilled to partner with industry leader LifeScan to bring scalable solutions to the market and improve care for the millions of people affected by diabetes.

Sid Viswanathan, Truepill co-founder, and president

The eCommerce function will be available in the OneTouch Reveal platform beginning in November 2020 in the United States.

Truepill’s Digital Health Disruption

Since Truepill launched in 2016, the company has made a name working with direct-to-consumer health startups. Truepill already provides digital health solutions and nationwide prescription delivery for leading direct-to-consumer health brands, health plans, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. However, the organization sees an opportunity to work with more traditional healthcare companies.

In September 2020, Truepill raised $75 million in a Series C funding round to expand to offer lab testing. Truepill plans to launch this new service before the end of the year. It will provide everything from general wellness tests to standard diagnostic tests, such as colorectal cancer screenings. Recently, Truepill has spent a lot of time working with health plans looking to bring its capabilities to their customers. Since Optum joined as an investor last year, that effort will likely continue.

The Power of Digital Health Tools

Digital health tools are crucial for delivering better remote care and improving outcomes. Innovation is not about disruption; it’s about collaboration. This is especially true with digital health because the natural flow of data between hospitals, physicians, and patients is complicated because of the network’s highly secure nature. Connected health tools that enable data tracking of healthy behaviors, combined with incentives and trusted professional support, can help consumers become more engaged in their own care health and wellness. Organizations capable of offering customer-centric delivery systems improve patient care with more personal, accessible solutions are uniquely positioned to disrupt the traditional healthcare market and capitalize on commerce trends that benefit both patients and their business.

About the OneTouch® brand made by LifeScan

LifeScan is a global leader in blood glucose monitoring innovation and digital health technology and has the vision to create a world without limits for people with diabetes and related conditions. More than 20 million people and their caregivers worldwide count on LifeScan’s OneTouch brand products to manage their diabetes. Together, LifeScan and OneTouch improve people’s quality of life with diabetes with products and digital platforms defined by simplicity, accuracy, and trust. and

About Truepill™

Truepill is a digital health platform that delivers diagnostics, telehealth, and pharmacy services, built on a foundation of API-connected infrastructure. Founded in 2016 with a unique B2B model, the company’s expansive suite of customizable, direct-to-patient solutions includes nationwide prescription fulfillment and delivery, a US-based network of licensed telehealth providers, white label packaging, product design, and more. With seven owned and operated pharmacies, Truepill accreditations include URAC accredited mail order pharmacy, URAC accredited specialty pharmacy, NABP, Digital Pharmacy Accreditation, and LegitScript. Learn more at

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