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Digital Health App Opear MD Offers Free Exams for First Responders and Waives New Patient Membership Fees

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Opear MD, a digital health membership-based app for on-demand house calls and telemedicine appointments, has announced two initiatives to increase healthcare accessibility and affordability during COVID-19.

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The first initiative is focused on first responders, including EMTs, paramedics, police officers, and firefighters. Opear will waive its network membership fees and reimburse exam charges. The providers who serve them will still be compensated, with Opear paying for first responders’ exams out-of-pocket. According to the announcement, first responders may email proof of occupation to to claim reimbursement for exams.

The second initiative recognizes the ongoing pandemic and encourages adopting both in-person care and digital health tools for non-emergency care. And with cold and flu season poised to complicate the ongoing pandemic, Opear will waive membership fees for all new patients, so there is no barrier to entry. Patients will still pay exam fees, 100% of which go to their provider. Signup fees will be waived automatically. 

Note: currently house calls are only available in New York state.

Opear is trying to make healthcare more human. We have to recognize that this is a time to put people over profit, keeping our communities healthy and returning the favor to those who put their lives on the line to protect us.

Michael Demetriou, founder and CEO of Opear MD



After paying a network fee of $99 per year, patients can book telemedicine appointments for $75. New York patients can book house calls for $150 per exam. You will not be charged, and your membership will not begin until your first appointment.

Does Opear MD accept insurance?

Currently, Opear does not accept health insurance. However, you may be eligible for reimbursement of services paid if your insurance policy includes out-of-network benefits and covers telemedicine. According to Opear’s website, they are working towards becoming an in-network provider for a number of the nation’s largest carriers.

What is Opear MD?

Opear MD’s apps (“Opear” and “Opear for Providers”) allow members to request house calls or telehealth appointments on-demand or in advance through a subscription pricing model. Rather than pairing a patient and provider randomly, as is the industry standard, Opear bridges the gap between digital and in-person care by allowing patients to choose their own provider.

What Illnesses Does Opear MD Treat?

Opear was designed for non-emergency care, including the treatment of:

  • Strep throat
  • Ear infection
  • Fever
  • Coxsackievirus
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Influenza
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Chickenpox

Providers are not authorized to treat injuries, manage chronic illnesses, or provide emergency services.

Additional Digital Health Services

Working to make healthcare more accessible for all, healthcare organizations have been working with shared-ride companies to get patients where they need to be without stress or anxiety. For Opear, they know that a trip to the doctor’s office or urgent care clinic isn’t always convenient – or safe. Opear looks to cover their members by offering:

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  •    Telemedicine: Being an Opear member is like having the country’s top doctors on speed dial.
  •    House Calls: Patients in the New York metro additionally have access to house calls.
  •    Medical Transportation: In New York, Opear has partnered with NuRide to safely bring your provider to you.

How to use Opear MD?

Every step from requesting an appointment, to your video exam, to rating your visit takes place inside the Opear app.


The Power of Digital Health Tools

A changing healthcare industry brings new roles and responsibilities to healthcare provider organizations. Digital health is at the forefront of transformation in the healthcare industry. Digital disruption in healthcare has been underway for years, with healthcare organizations are trying to digitize operations and processes to maximize efficiency and reduce costs while increasing quality care. Significant digital health solutions like EHRs, digital therapeutics, telehealth, AI, wearables, and blockchain are the foundation of the industry’s digital awakening. Successful implementation of digital health tools starts with a reliable roadmap that emphasizes shifting staff/patient perspectives and proactive outreach.

About Opear MD

Opear MD is a membership-based app for remote digital healthcare. Bridging the gap between online and in-person care, Opear allows patients to select their own provider for in-home or video exams, medical transportation, and prescription-writing needs. Since its launch in August 2019, Opear has expanded from serving New York State to families across the country.

About the Opear | NuRide Partnership

Opear partners with NuRude Transportation Group to provide safe medical transportation. If you request a house call, you will have the option of covering your provider’s fare to your home. Less commonly, if you require a trip to an urgent care clinic or hospital, you may request a NuRide trip of your own.

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