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The Nature of Digital Health | Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health and COVID19 | Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age.

2021 SilverCloud Health Report – Implementing Digital Mental Health Programs and Services for Employees

Digital mental health organization SilverCloud Health has released its 2021 Employee Mental Health and Well-being Report. The survey data show that many employees struggle with reduced productivity due to stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic and that employees’ mental health symptoms are going unaddressed and becoming more significant.

Drivers of Digital Health Technologies – Improving the Patient Experience

Confidence in digital health technologies’ and tools’ potential continues to progress as health systems continue to invest in a more digital health care experience – focusing on connecting with, communicating with, and monitoring patients outside the health system’s walls.
Successful adopters of PET have started with buy-in at the senior leadership level, redesigning the organizational strategy to become more consumer/patient-obsessed.

Behavioral Change for Digital Health Technologies

Digital health technologies have rapidly penetrated many aspects of consumers’ interactions with health care organizations, including how they make health care decisions and interact with their health plan. With so much information and technologies out there, it is not easy to build interventions or technologies easily adapted and effectively used to change lives. Behavioral science has barely scratched the surface of health care. The next decade will see health care begin to embrace behavioral science findings and methodologies, moving beyond the one-size-fits-all transactional delivery of care.