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The New Mayo Clinic Diet Program Announces National Launch

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The New Mayo Clinic Diet, the official diet developed by the Mayo Clinic, has announced its nationwide launch. Through a medically-supported, scientifically rigorous, and proven approach, New Mayo Clinic Diet program helps participants lose weight to improve their health.

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The New Mayo Clinic Diet is built on an all-new digital platform from Digital Wellness, which has tools and trackers to help members lose 3x more weight. Exclusive tools such as a Habit Optimizer help members make lasting, meaningful changes to their behavior. The program also includes unlimited access to a private Facebook Group that helps members connect and support each other.

With more than 80% of consumers now researching their healthcare options, new technologies provide consumers new ways to engage in healthy living and manage certain conditions. And for healthcare organizations to gain a competitive position in the minds of consumers, convenience is a primary concern. Healthcare consumerism should empower consumers to be involved in their health care decisions throughout every step of the patient journey.

Commercial diets and weight loss programs are big business in America. But there’s a problem — they’re not working. For the Mayo Clinic Diet, helping people lose weight and gain control of their health isn’t simply a business — it’s a key element of our larger mission as an international healthcare leader with unmatched medical expertise and innovation.

The design of the New Mayo Clinic Diet is to help members reshape their lifestyle by adopting healthy new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones. Built by a team of weight-loss experts at the Mayo Clinic, the program uses a unique digital behavior change platform. The program includes Mayo Clinic-approved meal plans and recipes based on a weight loss solution that consistently ranks on the US News & World Report Best Diet list and #1 on The New York Times bestseller list.

New Mayo Clinic Diet | Digital Health News

How the New Mayo Clinic Diet Program Works

With many programs, losing weight is the only point. The initial program is 12 weeks and uses unparalleled medical and nutritional expertise to help members achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Members can choose from flexible meal plans, vegetarian, Mediterranean, high protein, and a new healthy keto program. Health is a journey; the program’s design inspires hope and promotes lasting, life-long health.

What’s included in the Mayo Clinic Diet?

  • A best-selling diet that is medically backed and trusted worldwide
  • An all-new digital platform that has helped members lose 3x more weight*
  • Access to the unparalleled educational content and expertise of the Mayo Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic Diet 12 Week Course to help you learn the principles of healthy weight loss
  • Virtual group video sessions with Mayo Clinic Physicians (coming in 2022)
  • All-new quick start Lose It! phase, where members can lose 6 to 10 lbs in 2 weeks
  • Tools to track progress and log your meals, exercise, measurements, and body weight
  • All-new quick, easy, healthy, and delicious recipes
  • All-new Habit Optimizer to swap unhealthy habits for good ones
  • Meal plan options that include Healthy Keto, High Protein, Vegetarian and Mediterranean
  • Holistic and whole self-focused program
  • Calorie counting is not required
  • Food tracker with over 1m foods
  • Enjoy unlimited fruits and vegetables
  • At-home workouts – no equipment required
  • Psychological quiz to assess diet mindset
  • Unlimited access to a members’ Private Facebook Group

Pricing Plans

New Mayo Clinic Diet | Digital Health News

Mayo Clinic Diet Assessment

Take the 3-minute assessment to discover how your mindset and motivation can set you off on the right path for weight loss.

What’s included in the Assessment

  • Insights into how ready you are to change your diet and exercise
  • An understanding of what motivates you and how it can help your weight loss
  • Tips on making weight loss more enjoyable by combining it with what you love
  • Insights into aspects of your identity that can keep you focused on your goals

Meet the Experts

Members receive access to the Mayo Clinic’s authoritative, unparalleled expertise with video courses, and virtual support. Meet the team behind your weight loss.

New Mayo Clinic Diet Healthy Weight Loss Blog

Click here to read through the programs Health Weight Loss blog, which covers weight loss tips, news, science, interesting facts and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.

The New Mayo Clinic Diet partners a whole-health weight loss program with an innovative digital platform.

 Donald D. Hensrud, MD, MS, Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program
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he Future Value of Health Care Consumers

Consumer engagement has become increasingly important for all healthcare industry stakeholders. Health care consumers want high-quality care that is easily accessible and affordable. The theory of health care consumers is that they take ownership of care decisions based upon costs, understand the full scope of options available to them based on research and trustworthy sources of information, and leverage their use of technologies.

Digital health is at the forefront of transformation in the healthcare industry. Digital disruption in healthcare has been underway for years, with healthcare organizations trying to digitize operations and processes to maximize efficiency, reduce costs while increasing quality care. As more health systems adopt a digital health business strategy, future reports will find healthcare organizations offering digital tools more efficiently and greater utilization of these devices and services by patients.

Mayo Clinic New Mayo Clinic Diet Program

About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to innovation in clinical practice, education and research, and providing compassion, expertise and answers to everyone who needs healing. Visit the Mayo Clinic News Network for additional Mayo Clinic news. For information on COVID-19, including Mayo Clinic’s Coronavirus Map tracking tool, which has 14-day forecasting on COVID-19 trends, visit the Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Resource Center.

Mayo Clinic New Mayo Clinic Diet Program

About Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness is a global digital health company committed to improving people’s health and wellbeing. Founded by Scott Penn, and reinforced by partnerships with the CSIRO, Mayo Clinic and the University of Newcastle, Digital Wellness has a strong history of investing in health and wellness research and innovations. In addition to powering Australia’s favorite diet, the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet as well as the New Mayo Clinic Diet, Digital Wellness works with pharmaceutical companies, corporations and government to provide chronic disease management programs. For over 15 years, the accredited professional healthcare experts at Digital Wellness have delivered exceptional outcomes to both consumers and enterprise, establishing Digital Wellness as one of the most published, respected and empowering health platforms in the world.

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