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MindMaze, a Digital Therapeutics Leader Backed by DiCaprio, Raises $125M to Drive Growth of its Digital Neurotherapeutics Platform

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MindMaze, a digital neurotherapeutics leader, has announced a $125 million investment round to drive the growth of its SaaS-based digital neurotherapeutics platform. MindMaze will use the proceeds to accelerate the commercialization of and enhance market access for its approved and reimbursed neuro-rehabilitation platform. The organization will focus on North America and Europe for expanding its neuro-restorative portfolio through additional system development and clinical trials in other indications, including acute stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS), and aging. The investment in MindMaze represents one of the top-three private capital raises in the Continental European digital health space and will serve to bolster one of the premier European HealthTech leaders. 

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The AlbaCore Capital Group, one of Europe’s leading specialist investors focusing on public and private corporate credit markets, led this round of financing.

MindMaze, backed by Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, designs video games that combine virtual and augmented reality to help people restore motor function after stroke or brain trauma. The games, which can be played at home or in a hospital or clinic, involve tasks that stimulate parts of the brain. Over seventy patent families drive MindMaze’s innovative digital neurotherapeutics platform. Its platform combines highly engaging, personalized, protocolized, quantified, gamified digital therapeutic content supported by tailored, smart peripherals that target two distinct areas of care: neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-restoration. 

MindMaze | Evidence-Based Digital Therapies

MindMaze’s rehab product is used by patients in Europe, the US, and Asia. The company is working on getting clearance for software that doctors can prescribe for other conditions. The digital neurotherapeutics leader currently collaborates with approximately ninety healthcare providers and has a product portfolio that has received three FDA clearances and four CE marks across eight clinical indications. Innovation is really not about disruption; it’s about collaboration. MindMaze partners with leading academic and medical institutions, including Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Mount Sinai Health System and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in the United States, the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), and the Swiss Federal Institution of Technology (EPFL) in Switzerland, and the Institute for the Brain and Spinal Cord (ICM) in France, to further develop and demonstrate the efficacy of its market-leading solution set.

MindMaze is dedicated to improving the lives of patients around the world through the development of novel digital therapeutic products for the treatment of serious neurological conditions. We have built the leading neuro-focused digital health platform comprehensively addressing full body motor and cognitive challenges associated with key neurological conditions. We believe that the demands of a rapidly aging world population make our proprietary, proven solutions more critical now than ever before. This investment by AlbaCore will allow us to accelerate our proven neuro-rehab platform and advance commercialization of our evidence-based neuro-restorative solutions in stroke, traumatic brain, aging and Parkinson disease. One avenue to pursue will be to partner with pharmaceutical companies to promote brain repair by combining our digital therapeutic neuro-restorative approach with emerging drug discovery. We are thrilled to partner with AlbaCore as we build the leading universal platform for brain health and recovery. This financing will enable our dedicated team and partners to advance in our mission to help patients recover, learn and adapt through advanced neuroscience and digital therapeutics.

Tej Tadi, Ph.D., MindMaze founder and CEO

As interest in and use of telehealth during the COVID-19 global pandemic grew, the potential of digital health to increase access and quality of mental health is becoming clear. Technology has opened a new frontier in mental health support and data collection. By learning from companies already blazing the way, we can avoid mistakes and more quickly provide better mental health care for all. 


About MindMaze

MindMaze is a global leader in digital neuro-therapeutics (DTx) solutions with a mission to accelerate the brain’s ability to recover, learn and adapt. With over a decade of work at the intersection of neuroscience, bio-sensing, engineering, mixed reality and artificial intelligence, its healthcare division is addressing some of the most challenging problems in neurology, including stroke, Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease, by creating the universal platform for brain health and recovery and unique digital therapeutic interventions. MindMaze’s pioneering FDA cleared and CE marked neuro-digital therapeutics accelerate patients’ recovery from many critical neurological conditions. Founded in 2012 by CEO Dr Tej Tadi, MindMaze is the first Swiss Unicorn with offices in Lausanne, Baltimore, London, Paris and Mumbai.

About AlbaCore Capital Group

AlbaCore Capital Group is one of Europe’s leading specialist credit investors focusing on public and private corporate credit markets. The senior investment team have been investing with this hybrid strategy for over a decade.  Founded in 2016, AlbaCore has invested over $17bn for global pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, consultants, insurance companies, family offices and endowments. AlbaCore is focused on consistently outperforming the market in the long term while protecting investor capital. The credit selection process is based on fundamental research with a focus on capital preservation, ESG factors and risk-adjusted returns.  Headquartered in London with offices in New York and Dublin, AlbaCore has a partnership approach with values at the center of the AlbaCore community. 

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