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Maternal Health Platform Cayaba Care Announces $3.2 Million Seed Funding

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Cayaba Care Maternal Health Digital Health

Cayaba Care, a maternal health company combining technology and community-based clinical services, has announced its official launch alongside a $3.2 million seed funding. The initial seed round was led by Flare Capital, with participation from Digitalis Ventures, Kapor Capital, and SteelSky Ventures, along with angel investors. Cayaba Care expects to invest in its data and technology integrations with health systems partners to engage users further. It will also grow its care teams to deliver on its home-based care model.

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Although maternal mortality is declining worldwide, in 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the U.S. was one of only two countries (along with the Dominican Republic) to report a startling increase in its maternal mortality ratio (the proportion of pregnancies that result in the death of the mother) since 2000. While U.S. maternal deaths have leveled in recent years, the ratio is still higher than in any high-income nation in the world. In 2018, the United States reported approximately 660 maternal deaths, last overall among industrialized countries. With a maternal mortality rate of 17.4 per 100,000 pregnancies, more than half of recorded deaths occur after the day of birth.

Perhaps most notable from the WHO’s 2017 report was the highlight of significant racial disparities in the U.S.’s maternal mortality rate. Black and Hispanic women face three to four times the rate of pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality. This spotlight sparked an increased interest in serving these divides. In Philadelphia, where Cayaba Care’s has launched, Black women accounted for 43% of all births but suffered 73% of all maternal deaths that same year. Similar disparities occur in other communities with preterm births and infant mortality rates. Those statistics are what led Olan Soremekun to co-found Cayaba Care.

Femtech Funding

Digital tools that facilitate innovative methods and modalities to improve health care, enable lifestyle change, and create efficiencies are progressing quickly. Femtech companies can be up against several barriers when seeking an investment that other companies may not face. According to TechCrunch, PitchBook analysts suggest investors have not been convinced of the category because of a lack of “sizable exits”. With a record-breaking $388M raised in 2018, Femtech solutions remains an undeveloped area of health-tech with only 4% of healthcare R&D going towards women’s health.

Only six femtech exits were completed in 2019, a 64% increase in value compared to 2018. With that said, PitchBook also points to several fundraising deals completed in 2020, such as Maven Clinic’s $45M Series C funding and Kindbody’s $32M Series B funding. As the VC world becomes more diverse and with the widespread recognition of preventive health and personalized medicine, analysts believe that VC’s will see femtech as a viable market opportunity.

Services Provided Cayaba Care Maternal Health Digital Health

Cayaba Care is Home-Based Care

Digital health is at the forefront of transformation in the healthcare industry. Digital disruption in healthcare has been underway for years, with healthcare organizations trying to digitize operations and processes to maximize efficiency, reduce costs while increasing quality care. Growing awareness among women regarding health and wellness has boosted the demand for women’s health solutions. Cayaba Care’s mission is to improve outcomes in communities by reimagining how maternal health and pediatric care is delivered. Their care model focuses on integration and coordination with the Obstetric-Midwifery Practice, and bringing services to the home reduces any barriers to the patient receiving the recommended care.

Convenience has become the new currency. Cayaba Care is building partnerships with obstetric practices that focus on extending care beyond the practice walls, providing home and near-home clinical and behavioral health services, coordinating care, and addressing social determinants of health. By utilizing technology, Cayaba Care can improve maternal care access for patients, identify timely interventions, and improve overall health outcomes, according to the announcement.

What is Cayaba Care? Maternal Health

COVID showed the value of telemedicine in prenatal care, which is here to stay. Unfortunately, many underserved patient populations who could most benefit from the convenience of telemedicine or home visits lack broadband access or a provider who can easily provide those services. We need solutions to improve outcomes by bringing technology to these communities and meeting people where they are.

Dr. Colleen Denny, Medical Director, Ambulatory Women’s Health Services at Bellevue Hospital

Cayaba Care FAQ’s

What conditions can Cayaba Care address?
  • Cayaba Care provides a dedicated care team for you.
  • A Maternity Navigator will meet you at your home and involve our other team members, as needed (a Women’s Health clinician, Social Worker, Psychologists).
  • Your team can also meet virtually to answer your questions and some of your needs.
  • Services include Postpartum follow-up, Breastfeeding, Mental Health Needs, Pregnancy-Related Concerns, GI Discomfort, Pregnancy Testing, Morning Sickness, Breast Health, Breastfeeding Concerns, Spotting, Bladder Health.
What services does Cayaba Care provide?
  • Cayaba Care provides an extra layer of maternity support services at or near home.
  • Cayaba Care’s services provide patients with relief from symptoms, pain, and overall stress and anxiety throughout their pregnancy.
  • The goal is to improve the health outcomes of mom and baby. Cayaba Care’s clinicians manage symptoms such as pain, mental health needs, breastfeeding concerns, spotting, and postpartum follow-up needs.
How do I get started?
  • After you schedule your onboarding appointment, a Cayaba Care team member will reach out to guide you through the rest of your program. 
  • To schedule your onboarding appointment, you can Book Now.
How much does this cost?
  • Many insurance plans cover Cayaba Care’s services, and most interactions are covered at a very low cost or no co-pay.
  • If your health plan does not pay for Cayaba Care’s home visits or services, you can pay out of pocket, and your out-of-pocket costs will be shown to you before a visit.
  • Call (267)-668-2256 to see if your health plan covers home visits and Cayaba Care services.
Do I need a referral to Cayaba Care?
  • No, patients self enroll for Cayaba Care services, and they will work with you and your insurance and OBGYN.
Cayaba Care Digital Health

About Cayaba Care

Cayaba Care is a maternal health company offering community-based clinical services via technology-enabled multidisciplinary care teams. Cayaba Care provides care coordination, benefit sign-up, routine maternity care in the prenatal and postpartum period, mental health/counseling, breastfeeding support, and patient education. 

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