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Allscripts Partners With Myndyou to Triage High-risk Patients and Extends Partnership with PIH Health

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MyndYou Inc. and Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX) have announced a partnership to make the MyndYou triaging and care management solution available to Allscripts clients, reducing the risk of hospitalization for patients worldwide. Healthcare providers affiliated with Allscripts will receive access to MyndYou’s AI-powered Cognitive Complexity Analysis, which seamlessly integrates with existing care processes to detect cognitive change—and affect lives. MyndYou is a data-driven platform that provides tools for maintaining cognitive abilities.

Through the MyndYou platform called Cognitive Complexity Analysis, healthcare providers can receive alerts between visits regarding significant changes in cognitive functioning. These alerts can provide crucial insights with actionable knowledge that can be used to adjust treatment plans, truly personalizing care.

By partnering with MyndYou, we can create additional touchpoints between Allscripts clients and their high-risk patients. MyndYou’s cognitive-driven solution empowers care management teams to reduce hospitalizations and achieve improved outcomes by passively and precisely identifying those in need of extra attention at the right time.  Tina Joros, General Manager – Open Business Unit, Allscripts

How MyndYou works and its features:

  • Utilizing passively collected voice and daily-activity data, MyndYou’s unique Cognitive Complexity Analysis detects subtle changes in cognitive and behavioral function, identifying a heightened risk for deterioration or hospitalizations.
  • MyndYou then elevates this information within the structure of current care management workflows to maximize providers’ care management potential for the purpose of early and accurate intervention.
  • Providers will introduce MyndYou’s care portal, behavioral monitoring app, and voice bot within their current care management practices as effective methods to scale engagement and optimize triaging for patients most at risk.
  • MyndYou App: A passive behavioral monitoring app that detects changes in behavioral function (such as walking, driving, voice, and sleep) and raises flags to healthcare professionals upon identification of subtle changes that can signal a heightened risk of hospitalization or deterioration.
  • MyndYou virtual care manager, Eleanor: Automated, personalized voice bot calls directly to the patient’s phone using targeted questionnaires aimed to retrieve important information regarding the health and safety status of high-risk clients, with highlighted transcripts elevated to care management teams.
  • MyndYou Care Portal: a dynamic dashboard for care professionals that acts as a client management system and remote calling platform, with integrated insights from the voice analyses from MyndYou VoIP and BOT calls, and activity analyses from the MyndYou App.
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A recent Stanford Medicine Health Trends Report for 2020 shows that the digital health market is demonstrating signs of capability as it shifts from a range of formidable early-stage start-ups to more established organizations with validated products and services. And while technology advancements in AI are a meaningful part of this story, an equally relevant component is the regulatory traction that AI has made in medical treatment.

MyndYou is now accessible on the Allscripts Application Store, which offers clients third-party apps, devices and other technologies to use with Allscripts products. With more than 30 years of experience, Allscripts takes pride in partnering with and connecting consumers, providers, payers and communities. Today, Allscripts partnership and solutions, including electronic health record (EHR), population health, patient engagement and revenue cycle management services, enable organizations worldwide—of all sizes—to change what’s possible in healthcare.

The Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) offers both proprietary and FHIR® enabled APIs to connect third-party applications, devices and other innovative healthcare technologies with Allscripts products. Allscripts has been encouraging API integration since 2007 and is facilitating over a billion data exchanges each year – the largest documented utilization of APIs in healthcare. Health IT developers can create a free account at to access the Allscripts Open APIs and start building or connecting new innovations for Allscripts users.

PIH Health extends partnership with Allscripts through 2025

In addition to the MyndYou partnership, Allscripts also announced the expansion of an agreement with PIH Health through 2025. This is likely to improve comprehensive care for Allscripts’ patient communities. Since 2004, PIH Health has been using Allscripts’ solutions, which include the flagship Sunrise EHR platform, the Allscripts TouchWorks EHR platform, and the Allscripts CareInMotion population health suite.

This extension signifies the increased use and demand for Allscripts’ EHR platforms and just another example of how digital health is becoming more integrated and accepted by health systems and providers. Digital health is here and will continue to expand rapidly.

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Under the new expansion, PIH Health will expand its use of Allscripts’ products to PIH Good Samaritan Hospital, which the organization recently acquired.

Healthcare providers must anticipate how our industry will continue to evolve and how patients’ needs may change, and we’re proud to continue this journey as PIH Health’s trusted health IT partner.  — Paul Black, CEO, Allscripts

The partnership between PIH Health and Allscripts has helped drive comprehensive care for our patient communities for nearly two decades.  –Peggy Chulack, Chief Administrative Officer, PIH Health System

About Allscripts

Allscripts (NASDAQ: MDRX) is a leader in healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results. Our innovative solutions connect people, places, and data across an Open, Connected Community of Health™. Connectivity empowers caregivers and consumers to make better decisions, delivering better care for healthier populations. To learn more, visit and It Takes A Community: The Allscripts Blog.

Allscripts, the Allscripts logo, and other Allscripts marks are trademarks of Allscripts Healthcare, LLC and/or its affiliates. All other products are trademarks of their respective holders, all rights reserved. Reference to these products is not intended to imply affiliation with or sponsorship of Allscripts Healthcare, LLC and/or its affiliates.

About MyndYou

MyndYou developed the first cognitive-driven, artificial intelligence (AI)-based triaging and case management solution that bridges the gaps of care by empowering healthcare practitioners and providers to remotely engage and intervene with high-risk patients in their homes and communities, at the right time. Through its groundbreaking Cognitive Complexity analysis of speech and day-to-day activity patterns, MyndYou detects subtle changes in cognitive functioning to activate care adjustments in care and timely interventions that improve patient engagement, health outcomes, and quality of life.

About PIH Health

PIH Health is a fully integrated, nonprofit, regional healthcare delivery network comprised of three hospitals, a host of outpatient medical offices, and a multi-specialty medical group including home health and hospice care. PIH Health serves more than 3 million residents in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas, including the San Gabriel Valley. To learn more visit

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