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The Nature of Digital Health | Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health and COVID19 | Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age.

Ava Announces FDA Clearance for Ava Fertility Tracker

Digital healthcare company Ava has announced it has received FDA clearance for its Ava Fertility Tracker, making it the first and only FDA-cleared fertility tracking wearable. Ava’s fertility tracking sensor bracelet and accompanying app, Ava Fertility Tracker, is already the first and only wearable machine learning device to aid women in ovulation prediction and facilitation of conception.

Drivers of Digital Health Technologies – Improving the Patient Experience

Confidence in digital health technologies’ and tools’ potential continues to progress as health systems continue to invest in a more digital health care experience – focusing on connecting with, communicating with, and monitoring patients outside the health system’s walls.
Successful adopters of PET have started with buy-in at the senior leadership level, redesigning the organizational strategy to become more consumer/patient-obsessed.

Wellinks Announces Initiation of IRB Approved Study of Digital Health Solution for COPD

Wellinks has announced the initiation of an IRB approved research pilot study for patients previously diagnosed with COPD. The study aims to demonstrate the feasibility of collecting and tracking information essential to managing COPD patients, including adherence to medication regimen, lung health, and symptoms onset. Investigators will also assess engagement and satisfaction with the Wellinks solution.

MedRhythms Chronic Stroke Digital Therapeutic Receives FDA Breakthrough Designation

MedRhythms Inc., a digital therapeutics startup based in Portland, Maine, has received FDA breakthrough device designation for its Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS) treatment platform for people with chronic walking impairments due to stroke. This product is the first in the Company’s pipeline of digital therapeutics for neurologic disease and injury.

The Power of Digital Health Tools

Digital health is at the forefront of transformation in the healthcare industry. Digital disruption in healthcare has been underway for years, with healthcare organizations trying to digitize operations and processes to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, while increasing quality care. Significant digital health solutions like EHRs, digital therapeutics, telehealth, AI, wearables, and blockchain are the foundation of the industry’s digital awakening. Successful implementation of digital health tools starts with a reliable roadmap that emphasizes shifting staff/patient perspectives and proactive outreach.