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Wellinks Announces Initiation of IRB Approved Study of Digital Health Solution for COPD

Wellinks has announced the initiation of an IRB approved research pilot study for patients previously diagnosed with COPD. The study aims to demonstrate the feasibility of collecting and tracking information essential to managing COPD patients, including adherence to medication regimen, lung health, and symptoms onset. Investigators will also assess engagement and satisfaction with the Wellinks solution.

Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution Program Launches Innovative “Quit Smoking” Digital Apps

Blue Shield of California has announced three tobacco-cessation online providers to its popular Wellvolution platform, the largest Digital Therapeutics (DTX or PDT), and community network in the healthcare industry. With 49 million Americans using tobacco of some kind, the increased risk for multiple diseases has largely driven Blue Shield to add three new clinically proven health solutions for the 23,000+ members enrolled in Wellvolution.

ChristianaCare Adds Prescription Digital Therapeutics for Treatment of Substance Use Disorders | Pear Therapeutics

Delaware-based health system ChristianaCare is expanding its innovative work to transform care through data and technology by adding Pear’s prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs or DTx) to treat substance use disorder and opioid use disorder. ChristianaCare will provide patients access to Boston-based Pear Therapeutics Inc.’s reSET and reSET-O PDTs through Project Recovery, ChristianaCare’s outpatient program for people with substance-use disorders.

LifeScan Partners with Truepill™ to Create New Resources for People with Diabetes and Associated Health Conditions

LifeScan Partners with Truepill™ to Create New Resources for People with Diabetes and Associated Health Conditions

In partnership with Truepill, LifeScan will add an e-commerce platform to its blood glucose monitoring mobile app, allowing users to buy testing supplies and wellness services from their homes. LifeScan will be Truepill’s first partner in diabetes and chronic condition space. For LifeScan, this is a strategic move to expand its OneTouch brand offerings beyond diabetes testing supplies to innovative digital wellness offerings for diabetes and related health conditions, including weight loss, fitness, and hypertension.

The Rise of the Data-Driven Physician | Digital Health Tools

Digital health tools that facilitate innovative methods and modalities to improve care, enable lifestyle change, and create efficiencies are progressing quickly. digital health technologies are destined to force comprehensive change in the way healthcare services are delivered and consumed in the US.